Established producer of quality olive oils throughout Australia

Golden Grange

Golden Grange Olive Oil is an established producer of a range of high quality olive oils. If you are looking for healthy products that taste great, contact us today. We are the largest organic olive oil producer in Australia and the second largest overall producer of EVOO. Our products are well-known throughout Australia and we pride ourselves on producing a variety of excellent extra virgin olive oils that you’ll find in kitchens across the country, because no kitchen should be without at least one of our delicious oils.


We have four olive plantations on our various properties, one of which is purely organic. This means we stock both organic and non-organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, both are delicious and packed with excellent healing properties for a range of ailments.


No matter what level your culinary skills are at, you are sure to enjoy using our extra virgin, extra tasty olive oil. We know your family and friends will love tasting any food prepared with The Golden Grange range of products.


Contact us to place an order or to find out more about our company and products.